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How to be Happier, Healthier, Smarter, and More Prosperous

After writing many dozens of articles, Harry Edelson has written his first book, called Positivity, How to be Happier, Healthier, Smarter, and More Prosperous. It is part memoir and part self-help. The book is available on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble. 

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“Reading Positivity is a game changer for every reader. The unique wisdom and philosophy of life that Harry Edelson shares proves that life can be easy and joyful for everyone. Imagine a world if seven billion people lived by Positivity! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. Harry Edelson has figured out true keys to a good life – which is the one common denominator everyone wants. And I know, because I’ve interviewed over 400 of the top CEOs, and I see a lot of wisdom and very successful people…and Harry has truly figured it out. What a gift you offer in this book.”
- Robert Reiss, Host & CEO, The CEO Show

“I have enjoyed the book very much. Reading your words puts me in your energy field, which I so appreciate. You are such an inspiration!”
- Robert Gambee, author of Nantucket Island, Wall Street and 8 other books

“As Benjamin Franklin said: ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ The wisdom in Harry Edelson’s book is like finding a great investment. It continues to grow in value and will pay dividends throughout your life. This is the same philosophy that the brilliant investor, George Soros, has advocated through his Open Society Foundations where I served as a Trustee for many years”
- John W. Allen, Int’l Investment Banker and Chairman of Greater China Corp.

“Harry Edelson is so very special and exceptionally inspiring. The contagious energy that Harry conveys incredibly exceeds even that of the most spirited twenty year old. I found his story of an extremely challenging upbringing in (the slums of) East New York and losing his father while still a baby and, nevertheless, somehow developing on his own to achieve such remarkable entrepreneurial brilliance and a spectacularly amazing career – indeed his whole life – is like an extraordinarily captivating movie.”
- J. Morton Davis, Chairman of the Board, D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp.

“Harry’s positivity is both inspiring and infectious. Seeing the impact he had on my students, I invited Harry to participate in the Veterans Entrepreneurship Boot Camp I run at Pace University, confident that these military veterans would find the same inspiration in Harry’s positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm. Similar to entrepreneurship, happiness is a mindset—a way of thinking and acting—and Positivity is a uniquely valuable resource in understanding how it may be achieved.”
- Prof. Bruce Bachenheimer, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Lab, Pace University

“The interesting thing about Harry Edelson is that he is usually the smartest guy in the room and what is amazing, the happiest guy in the room. His book tells it all and can be easily absorbed by adults and students alike.”
- Elizabeth Kabler, Trustee, Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, Founder, NY Center for Living

“As a top-ranked research analyst for Merrill Lynch, Drexel Burnham and First Boston in the 1970s and 1980s, Harry had a front row seat on the tumultuous changes on Wall Street. This, combined with an outstanding career as a venture capitalist over the past 30 years, gives him a unique perspective on the finance industry. This book is a must read for Millennials looking for advice on careers, personal finances and life itself.”
- George A. Needham, Chairman & CEO, The Needham Group, Inc.

“Harry Edelson was a legendary Wall Street Securities Analyst, a legendary venture capital investor for ten of the largest corporations in the world and is soon to be a legendary author because Positivity will inspire every reader.”
- Brian S. Cohen, Chairman, New York Angels

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